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How can you get ahead when you’re still behind? If you’re an Android user, the answer to that question may change depending on what year it is. In 2022, there will be plenty of great apps to take advantage of, but only if you know what they are and where to find them! Luckily, with the help of this list, you’ll be able to choose from the best Android apps available in 2022 and make your life easier in ways you can’t even imagine now!

1) Browsers

Mobile browsers are growing in popularity, but desktop web browsers will remain more popular for at least a decade. Even now, most users still access a site from their desktop computer. It doesn’t matter what device they use to get there; users visit your website from their home PC just as much as they do from their cell phone or tablet. That said, we know that mobile browsing is growing faster than PC browsing and some users already prefer to use their smartphone as their primary web-browsing device. Making your site responsive ensures that visitors can view it on any browser (and any device) without it breaking. This includes touch-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets where zooming or multi-touch gestures may be required to fully see your site’s content.

2) Music Players

Take it from a mobile-first nation: There are many ways to play music on your phone, and most of them involve downloading an app. Many apps let you play your own MP3s, while others offer streaming services like Spotify. While they’re not quite as good as a dedicated portable music player—or actual CDs, in some cases—they can be much more convenient if you’re on your phone already. Of course, there’s no telling what will happen next year; who knows what app might come along that beats all others? One thing’s for sure: If any other player is going to dethrone our top pick, it will have to be revolutionary. Music has always been at its best when it breaks new ground—why should an app be any different?

3) News & Weather

You can’t go wrong with a weather app, but several other applications can be used to keep up with current events. News & Weather allows you to browse headlines and read entire articles. You can choose which news outlets you want to follow and get notifications when there are breaking developments in areas you care about. The News Feed feature offers a personalized way to stay informed about your favorite topics, locations, or companies. News & Weather is a free app for both Android and iOS devices.

4) Entertainment

This amazing app will provide you access to all your favorite content, including films, shows, and games. You’ll have access to all your favorite TV channels, making it easy for you to catch up on everything you missed while you were away. Amazing apps like these will be absolutely free, which is just another reason why 2022 is going to be such an exciting year! Oh yes – did we mention that our app automatically records all your favorites so there’s no risk of missing an episode?

5) Photography

Smartphone cameras have gotten so good these days that there’s no longer a need to bring a dedicated camera along with you on vacation. For most people, all you really need to take amazing pictures are your phone and a few pro-level photography apps. Sure, having a high-end camera will give you greater control over how your images look in post-processing, but when it comes to getting pictures from your phone onto Instagram or Facebook in seconds, there’s nothing wrong with using what you already have. Plus, there are thousands of great apps out there designed to make you look like a real photographer.

6) Fitness

Whether you’re an avid gym rat or spend most of your time at a desk, staying fit can be a challenge. But what if you could push yourself to get in shape by having fun? Tread Racer is one such app that takes fitness to a whole new level: It turns running into an addictive game that requires you to dodge obstacles and unlock achievements. Some say it even helps them stay motivated—which makes sense, given how easy it is to pick up and play. To run like never before, check out Tread Racer today!

7) Games

Mobile gaming has always been a huge part of our digital culture, and it’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’ll slow down anytime soon. Not only are traditional games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga still going strong, but new ones are constantly being developed. In fact, mobile gaming is one of the highest-grossing sectors for developers and publishers on all platforms. Mobile gaming will be taking center stage in 2022 as people’s demand for quality entertainment continues to increase. Here are ten upcoming game apps to get you started

8) Productivity Apps

With more and more people working from home, businesses are realizing that providing their employees with a home office setup is not enough. For some, it’s as simple as giving them access to high-speed Internet and phone service, but even those measures can be insufficient for many remote workers. That’s why it’s important to find apps that allow workers to be productive when they don’t have access to an office. Check out our list of top android apps for your business

9) Tools & Calculators

These days, a good mobile app needs to be more than just a collection of features—it needs to make our lives easier in some way. The best apps are those that provide us with tools and calculators to complete otherwise tedious tasks. No one wants to pull out a calculator on their phone when they need to divide three by seven or sit at their desk fiddling with trigonometry functions on their computer.

10) Miscellaneous Android Apps

This is a free app that helps you install APKs directly from within your browser. It’s handy if you want to quickly try out an app before installing it on your phone. Nextbit Robin’s Smart Storage feature transfers less important apps to your microSD card so you can free up space on your device. StockX claims to be the world’s largest online marketplace for high-end sneakers, apparel, and accessories. You can buy or sell deadstock (meaning unworn) clothes from some of your favorite brands and even have them authenticated by their in-house experts!

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