Meta to set up new group for more paid features on Instagram, Facebook

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp may soon get paid features as Meta sets up new monetisation team



Meta today owns three very popular messaging apps and social media platforms  WhatsApp, Instagram, & Facebook. In a vision to grow its ad business further in the future, Meta will be looking at more ways to add possible paid features across WhatsApp, Facebook, & Instagram all of three which individual has over one billion active users and collectively has over five billion, monthly active users. Meta to set up a new group for more paid features on Instagram, Facebook


A new report from The Verge says that Meta passed an internal memo to employees last week which says the company is setting up a product organization to identify and build “possible paid features” for Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at the details.
Facebook reported a 1 percent drop in revenue to $28.8 billion, a 1 percent decrease from $29.07 billion in the second quarter of 2021. Overall, Meta’s profit fell 36 percent to $6.7 billion in the quarter.
Facebook currently allows group administrators to charge members for accessing their exclusive content & users can also buy virtual stars to send to creators. Certain WhatsApp businesses also charge customers for messaging the account. Instagram also recently announced that creators could charge a subscription for accessing exclusive content.

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