Clean Drive for Google Drive

The description of Clean Drive for Google Drive:

 Do you know how many files you have in your Google Drive account and which files are taking up the most space? How many of them are duplicate files? Or empty folders? Or older than a specific date? How many PDFs do you have? How much storage space is being used? This app will answer these questions and more! Clean Drive will save you time and money by helping you stay organized and allowing you to reduce the amount of storage you need.

An often used feature of Clean Drive is to display duplicate files in Google Drive. Clean Drive makes it easy to see all duplicate files or specific duplicate files (by folder, type, age, etc). Then there is a bulk delete feature that allows deleting all of the duplicates with a simple click.

First, Clean Drive will analyze your Google Drive and determine how your storage space is being used and what space you have remaining. It takes your files and displays them in multiple categories.

The summary page will show you the number of files sorted by size and the storage used for:

✔️ Duplicate Files
✔️ Large Files
✔️ Empty Files
✔️ Files older than a specific date
✔️ Files by type: Documents, Photos & Images, Audio, Video, Archive (zip), Other

** Please note, you can find and remove photos that exist in Google Drive but Clean Drive does not currently find files in Google Photos.

The file type summary will show all files categorized by their type. This makes it easy to see how many of a specific file type you have such as documents, sheets, images or zip files and how much storage space they are using. All file types are supported.

Simply click on a file name to view additional details or move the file to your trash folder. This makes sweeping for and removing duplicates, unused files or extra large files quick & easy.

This utility was created to help organize Google Drive files and folders in order to save you or your business time. Users will find this tool most beneficial the more files they have – such as those with unlimited storage. Clean Drive is the ultimate duplicate finder and sweeper. It will free space in your account allowing you to stay productive, optimize your storage space, and ultimately reduce your costs.

Clean Drive works on all devices and platforms such as: desktop, mobile, android, iPhone, or Linux.

Requirements Android 4.4+
Latest Version 3
Size 1.3 MB

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